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A simple way to rip Audible .aa files to MP3

People paid for audible ebooks and turns out they are in. aa or. aax format and that no mp3 music player support. Are there any absolutely free software that people may apply in order to convert these files to mp3?

aa to mp3

Before response above concern we need to know a little bit of background about AA and AAX. It is an audio format useded on Audible. The files in this kind of format followed a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection that tries to keep them from being distributed. When you want to enjoy AA files on any msuic player you had, there is a should eliminate DRM from Audible AA format and convert them to MP3 file format. All we require is a DRM Converter software. Which permits you to eliminate Audible Audiobook DRM file encryption, change DRM safeguarded. AA to MP3 declare playing it on all music players.

I have discovered cost-free trials of software applications that will only convert one minute of each book or the complete version which is typically rather pricey. I just found a story about Yahoo Music. Yahoo Music Store has actually informed consumers they will not be able to download tunes or albums since September 30, 2008. Yahoo is really recommending its customers burn DRM-protected tracks to CD, then re-import them into their computers in an unprotected, DRM-free format. So, we can make use of Yahoo “advised” method to remove DRM for free.

The device we require:

1. Audible membership and Audible software.

2. Nero Burning Rom 7, 8 or 9. I will describe it using Nero 8.

3. A CD emulator such as Magic ISO.

4. Windows Media Player 11 (WMP).

Step-by-step guide here:

1. Download your Audiobook files by means of the Audible Download Manager on your desktop.

2. Open Nero Burning ROM and select Audiobook CD from the menu, then click New.

3. Drag and drop your. aa file into the blank workspace on the left then click Burn.

4. On the next screen, click Burn again.

5. Choose a location to conserve the files then click Save, and then Autocreate File Names.

6. When the process is done, open MagicISO.

7. Click the Open Image File icon.

8. Click the Extract Audio Files icon.

9. Pick a file save location, inspect the Using MP3 Encoder checkbox, then click OK.

10. Lastly, repeat steps 8-10 for the remainder of the discs in the series.

You’re done.

Looks too complex to you? Try out to turn AA to MP3 with simply 1 click.

Download DRM Converter right here.

Action 1: Import AA audio files.

You can basic dragging-and-dropping files to the program. Those files will be packed into the program.
Idea: You can import. aa and. aax files together.

Action 2: Set output file format.

Pick “MP3 (MPEG Layer-3)” from the “Audio files to” drop-down list.

Action 3: Begin transforming AA files.

Press “Start” button. It will start to transform audio files. When the conversion is finished, click “Find target” button to open the output folder all changed files are now need to be in. mp3 file format.

That’s it. You can now feel free to enjoy your Audible files on any music player.

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