HP launches Chromebook 11 G5

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June 28, 2016 at 2:45 amCategory:new

HP today released new this 11 G5 notebook, this is HP’s first 11 inch touch screen equipped with this notebook. It is reported, this 11 G5 sells for $189, will take the lead by HP channel partners in July, and comprehensive listing since October.

It is reported, this introductory paragraph 11 the G5 is equipped with a 11.6 -inch display, weight is 1.14 kg, built in 1.6 GHz Intel celeron N3060 processor, this configuration is more common in the low end of the this. And HP said, this 11 G5’s performance enough to cope with the daily operation, and also leads to 11 hours of battery life.

For an entry-level positioning this, with a touch screen is indeed a very good window, at the same time, Google has announced it will open in May Chrome OS support for Android applications, so this 11 the G5 will also be in the list of support to run Android applications.

Samsung products will use Tizen system

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June 15, 2016 at 4:24 amCategory:new

As The pioneer of The smartphone industry, samsung is arguably one of The most important members of The Android camp, although samsung also have their own Tizen OS, but late on one hand, on The one hand with Android is far from mature degree, therefore The Galaxy series host machine or of The Android system has been adopted, but according to The Chesapeake Times of The latest report, The samsung plans to promote Tizen system to The whole system products, reduce overall dependence on Android.

An unnamed name samsung executives said that if you don’t have their own ecosystem, there would be no development in the future, and Tizen also is not only a platform for mobile and an operating system, can also be applied to many other categories of products. , of course, the staff also admitted from samsung samsung in research and development on its own operating system, and makes the ecosystem indeed started a bit late, but compared with before, samsung has been a lot better now.

As for Tizen system outlook, he said now the entire technology industry are from B2C to B2B, but if we can seize the chance, Tizen will usher in huge growth in market share.

And on the promotion of Tizen system, smart watch first, launched a period of Gear S2 is one of the typical representative, Tizen system good performance also let Gear S2 obtained the certain market attention, but for size has some limitations. In fact as early as in 2014, samsung began trying to use Tizen system on Gear series intelligent watches, and recent rumours that samsung will abandon Android Wear, no longer for Gear Live follow-up products.

Of course, in addition to smart watches, in order to promote Tizen, the introduction of mobile phones is also essential. For example, Samsung India launched Tizen Z1 low-end machines, and has made a million sales level, and after seeing a good market feedback, Samsung continues to launch Z1 successor models Z3.

The samsung officials said, running Tizen system Z series machines are very popular in India, in the first quarter of this year sales volume reached 6.4 million, has been a very good result, also proves that the competitiveness of the Tizen system.

, of course, want to promote an operating system, the developers also is a very important part of, and the launch of samsung’s future will be more reward strategies for Tizen developers, arouse the enthusiasm of developers, but the specific details of samsung has not yet been released.

Samsung to apply for the new logo

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June 3, 2016 at 3:32 amCategory:new

Biometrics is slowly change the way the use of mobile devices, are changing our life. Both safety, convenience and accuracy, so now we have full beyond the traditional fingerprint identification password authentication way, in the more and more smartphones.

However, fingerprint identification is not the only way of biological authentication, a few days we see between samsung launched a Galaxy Tab tablet computer equipped with Iris scanning function Iris, can be a quick scan of the user’s eye to unlock the device. Now samsung plans seems not only is it a product, and it has been all over the world began to apply for trademark, introduce more similar products.

First in Europe, we see that Samsung has registered the “Samsung Iris” and “Samsung Eyeprint” trademark, although Samsung and registered in the United States and South Korea are the “Galaxy Iris” and “Galaxy Eyeprint” trademark. Look from the trademark name, samsung is trying to carry a series of products, more safety and the future will likely as unique selling points of new products.

We are not sure in the coming months, samsung iris recognition will be applied to the next generation almost on the Galaxy Note type, but since samsung plans to build a security mainly by means of iris scanning equipment platform, so can the future beyond fingerprint identification as a mobile devices entirely new way of authentication, is worth looking forward to.

Surface Phone or released next spring

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May 31, 2016 at 7:25 amCategory:new

According to foreign media reports Softpedia, the principal of Surface Panos Panay table of media, the next generation product Surface, to be published next spring.

And in addition to carrying 14 nm Surface Kabylake the processor may/Surface Pro Book 2, the foreign media is generally accepted that Microsoft will offer a Surface Phone.

The Surface Phone will be sold for 6000 yuan a mobile Phone, fastest is expected early next year, will launch the next generation of Xiao dragon 830 processor, it will have three versions, respectively is 3 gb / 32 gb storage, storage of 6 gb / 128 gb, 8 gb / 500 gb of storage memory.

IMAX plan for six virtual reality movie theaters this year

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May 21, 2016 at 1:38 amCategory:new

Allegedly, IMAX will by the end of the year for the six VR movie theaters, the first choose in Los Angeles.

IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond told the media that VR to bundle with the existing film content, this part lasts about 10 minutes, the price is between $7 to $10. In addition, he also pointed out that the VR visual experience to theaters offered is much better than the people in the family, IMAX experience system.

These VR theaters will use the Swedish company Starbreeze VR headset. And most recently, the VR company announced that cooperative development with acer VR headset.

Honor V8 published in Beijing

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May 11, 2016 at 1:22 amCategory:new

Honor in Beijing today released its new Honor V8 flagship product, this is the Honor and huawei’s first 2 k screen, the scene also brought Honor engine headphones 2 generation and Honor chang play bracelet A1.

Honor V8 there have shipped 4 gb + 64 gb storage full netcom version + 32 gb, 4 gb of memory storage of the CNC version, as well as a 4 gb version shipment deposit + 32 gb storage operators; With 5.7 inch 2 k / 1080 p resolution screen version of the optional, all netcom version for ceramic white, champagne gold, elegant gray, rose gold color support four choice; Front-facing camera to 8 million pixels, with f / 2.4 aperture; Rear color + black double 12000000 megapixel camera, carrying f / 2.2 aperture, also joined the 3 d dynamic new panoramic photo mode. The machine in fingerprint recognition also new upgrades, support Huawei Pay.

Processor, 4 gb shipment deposit + 64 gb storage netcom V8 version Honor with kirin 955 processor, 128 gb microSD card. 4 gb shipment deposit + 32 gb storage full netcom version + 32 gb and 4 gb memory storage operators Honor V8 is equipped with kirin 950 processor. Honor V8 built-in 3500 mah battery, the USB Type – C interface, have 9 v / 2 a quick charge function, support 4 g +, (look, netcom and double card double stay two-way.

The Honor of the V8 2 k screen can be used with common Honor VR. Honor titles, announced that it would cooperate with youku, now youku “VR panoramic zone” for Honor V8 provides 156 VR sources, and keep update.

Honor V8 price part, 4 gb + 64 gb of storage in netcom version costs 2799 yuan, 4 gb shipped deposit + 32 gb storage in netcom version costs 2499 yuan, 4 gb of RAM + 32 gb ROM operating agreed plate-making costs 2299 yuan. Xinji on May 10 to 16 in huawei and jingdong mall began to make an appointment at the same time, and will officially open on May 17, to sell, the first batch of 1080 p resolution version.

GoPro launched mobile video editing software

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May 4, 2016 at 4:01 amCategory:new

Recently, the GoPro officially released two new upgrade version of mobile video editing applications, one can provide automatic video editing experience for ordinary users, let users through the standardized process of edit your video. Another application is for advanced users, provides more responsible edit control, to achieve more. The two new applications of GoPro, Quik and Splice, can let users via smartphones can be taken to GoPro video processing.

2015 for GoPro and hard time, the revenue of the company and share prices have fallen, so the company reduced revenue forecast in 2016. And the development of smart phones for GoPro produced great influence, many smart phones now have a powerful video shooting, some even can take 4 k high-definition video and slow motion video.

And two new applications of GoPro officially in order to solve this problem and was born, the first is the “application of Quik. It’s original name is Replay, can let the user through the templated operation on video editing. Users can choose to save the video on the phone, select the soundtrack and automatic quick add music beat. The App can through the special algorithm to find the “best time” in the video, you can even add effects and filters. After the completion of the video, the user can be played back, modify, or share directly to the social networks.

If still think too complicated, so Quik can also provide video automatic synthesis function, similar to Google Photos as video can be more sections for automatic splicing and edit. The speed of the user can choose to edit, add more filters, transformation, and text options, at the same time can also be mixed together on video and audio files, for a period of video, add audio mix multiple tracks together.

In the past few years, the increasingly fierce competition in the field of sports camera, from SONY such technology giants to Graava, Revl startup and TomTom and Garmin across industry competitors, the huge pressure for GoPro. So the company plans to develop even unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and 360 – degree camera to improve their competitiveness.

From the quarterly report released in February, chief executive Nick Woodman said the company will also begin to focus on software field. “We recognize the need for better software solutions, make our customers more easy to edit and access to their content.” Woodman hope to be able to let the user does not have to spend a few hours to deal with their own video, because it cumbersome to do so. While Quik and Splice became GoPro foray into the latest works in the field of software services.

It is reported that two apps will support iOS and Android platform, and now officially in the App Store iOS version already, Android users will still need to wait.

Moto will hold a conference on May 17th

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April 29, 2016 at 1:51 amCategory:new

Motorola will be held in new Delhi, India on May 17, a product launch, the current news, there will be two new handsets, the conference will be a Moto G4 and G4 Plus respectively.

According to the previous message, G4 will carry a 5.5 inches full hd screen, the qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor with 2 gb of memory.

Change a G4 than before a few generations is metal frame, is also pretty sure message, G4 Plus will use fingerprint identification module in his back.

Samsung Gear 360 panoramic camera sale

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April 22, 2016 at 4:52 amCategory:new

In February the non show, samsung mobile phone launched a flagship for the Galaxy S7 named Gear 360 accessories, can be used in the panoramic image. It is reported that the device has the domestic purchase in advance, priced at 399300 won, and advance the user will also get a 5100 mah mobile power supply.

Meanwhile, Gear 360 also started purchase in advance in the Netherlands, one of the retailers are given the price of 419 euros, delivery date is expected on May 22nd. Samsung Dutch officials also announced the details of the device, and confirmed that the official retail price of 350 euros.

Gear 360 has two pieces of 15 million pixels CMOS sensor, f / 2.0 lenses are adopted fisheye lens. As a result, the device can be taken out of the 30 million pixels of 360 – degree panoramic photos, or 3840 x1920 resolution panoramic video. In terms of connectivity, Gear can support 360 wi-fi, bluetooth and NFC, at the same time, also support the biggest 128 gb microSD memory card.

With the panoramic camera, same shape, from South Korea, LG home 360 Cam, costs a mere $200, so a ratio, samsung seems to do you a lot.

The blackberry in a security incident

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April 19, 2016 at 2:34 amCategory:new

Cheated us so many years of blackberry safety scandal, according to foreign media, is famous for its security of blackberry smartphones in 2010 has provided to the royal Canadian mounted police master key to encrypt data, allow investigators to obtain any encrypted content on the blackberry device. And Canadian police through the key to solve the murder.


According to the data at the same time, the royal Canadian mounted police use blackberry master key has been released about 100 ten thousand user information. However, the Canadian police declined to reveal details of the way to get the key at present. The blackberry company also denied to provide the “key”.