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Samsung production 10 nm chips

Samsung has officially issued a press release that announced the first official production based on global 10 nm FinFET technological process of the chip, and said it would be spent on a product plan released in 2017. Though samsung did not give this product for more information on the next year, but no accident should is the legendary GALAXY S8.

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According to samsung, according to a press release, the world’s first 10 nm process technology of chip will go into mass production, this will allow samsung ahead of Intel and TSMC, and become the first in the industry production of 10 nm process technology of chip manufacturers. It is reported that samsung’s 10 nm FinFET structure and design, advanced 3 d transistor compared to the 14 nm FinFET, its area efficiency by 30%, 27% increase to performance and power consumption reduced by 40%.

Samsung also said in order to overcome the proportion limit at the same time, the production of 10 nm FinFET is still continuation of the previous triple cutting edge technology, to ensure the flexibility of bidirectional links. In addition, the samsung now 10 nm process known as 10 lpe, namely early version, low power consumption and the subsequent 10 nm LPP in the second half of next year, mass production can be used for higher performance of the chip.

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