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HTC has not released the new full exposure

Although in today’s mobile phone market, HTC sense is not high, but the HTC handset launches frequency is not low. Relevant materials showed that HTC has registered in Russia more models, including HTC Desire, HTC evo 10, 650 Desire One X10 10 Pro and has not yet been released.

650 is HTC Desire A17, earlier this month the whistle-blowers to HTC @ LIabTooFeR has mentioned the product in the twitter, said is an introduction, new HTC. The HTC evo 10 is also a published models, in fact, the sole released in the United States to a Sprint HTC Bolt, equipped with 810 processor Xiao dragons, 5.5 inch screen 2 k, 3 gb memory and support phase focus 16 million rear camera and optical image stabilization.

HTC Desire 10 Pro positioning is lower, will be equipped with 5.5 inches full hd screens, mediatek Helio P10 processor, and the combination of 1300 and 20 million pixels and rear-facing cameras. In addition, the Desire for 10 Pro also support double card double stay.

The HTC One x 10 never exposure, on the name of it, One X10 will be One X9 version, is a routine update. Configuration, One X10 is expected to pick up 5.5 inches full hd screens, mediatek Helio P10, 3 gb of memory and processor 13 million rear camera, support for optical image stabilization and take photographs in RAW format.

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