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Google Push VR Chrome

Although the attention of virtual reality is quite high now, tech giants have also launched their own VR devices, but there is no denying that, compared with a wide variety of hardware products, VR is actually are some deficient resources and content. But the latest news is that the Chrome Google plans to add support for the VR, allows users to ordinary web site in the form of virtual reality.

It is worth noting that Google has pushed WebVR, trying to establish a standard for hundreds of thousands of web sites adapter VR devices, although so far seems to effect is not good, but Google but didn’t intend to give up web VR beginner’s mind. It is understood that Google in the latest Beta version of Chrome and Android version of Chrome Dev development suite added support for virtual reality, the Beta version of Chrome WebVR setting options to improve the VR equipment for WebVR standard web support, and Chrome Dev new VR Shell allows users through the Cardboard or your Daydream platform to browse the web site.

But it is important to note that the current VR Shell is still in test development stage, is not entirely in functional aspects, but with the advent of Android 7.0 Nougat the official version, believe that an important part as Google the VR ecological Chrome will follow up in time. Actually, samsung last year for their Gear VR launched a special virtual reality browser, but it is clear that the influence is too small for large Android, and the Chrome a horse situation should be different. In addition, in addition to mobile devices, Google for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive build support desktop VR Chrome.

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