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Google Daydream View listed next week

At the beginning of this month, Google shows us the first support Daydream VR platform of VR headsets Daydream the View. And after weeks of silence, Google finally announced that the launch date of the device and the sales price.

Google has announced on the official blog, Daydream the View will be on November 10 in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany and Australia five countries, priced at $79, interested customers can now in the official online store to purchase in advance. At the same time, consumers in the United States can also through the marketing channels such as Verizon and best buy to buy.

Daydream View can be seen as Google Cardboard mental model of the upgrade, but the two devices at the same time there are some obvious differences. First of all, the Daydream View is adopted and foam plastic, soft cloth material, rather than Cardboard only consists of a YingZhiKe. Secondly, the View will prove to be the first support Daydream platform, Google for the center with VR platform/content store – VR headsets.

Google said the Daydream platform will provide when starting a series of applications for the use of the user, such as Hulu VR, YouTube, VR, Google street view, fantastic beasts and where, the New York times VR and so on.

Pixel and Pixel XL mobile phones are the only two support Daydream platform of mobile phone, this means that Daydream View when starting can match with the two mobile phone use. But other vendors will also release Daydream enabled mobile phones in the future, so as to expand the Daydream View of compatibility.

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