Sources said the iPhone 6c with colorful metal body design

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November 30, 2015 at 2:54 amCategory:new

According to foreign media MICGADGET revealed that they have received reliable source of “warning”, the latest photos will expose the new iPhone this week, it is possible that the legendary iPhone 6c, can call any other name. After the Japanese media outlets reported, Apple will launch 4 inch screen on the iPhone, and have already entered the stage of mass production, is likely to be launched at any time.

Is said to be closely associated with foxconn, insiders said, hon hai IDPBG enterprise group of the production supervisor has confirmed the authenticity of iPhone6c, and confirmed that the machine it is 4 inch touch screen, and used the colorful metal fuselage design, but not yet received the product’s production task.

At the same time he also cited the notion of foxconn, insiders said, Apple sequence of C and S series products are all synchronous running production, so he speculates that, in accordance with the production schedule and rolled off the production schedule, the iPhone 6C will not wait until the middle of next year will come, but launch is indeed very likely in the first quarter of next year.

According to the previous fact shows that the new iPhone will likely support Touch ID fingerprint identification function, but does not support 3D Touch, market prices between $400 to $500, may also be higher.

Windows 10 TH2 official mirror was suddenly delete

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November 25, 2015 at 4:21 amCategory:new

November 10 TH2 Windows Update first through Windows Update upgrade, then Microsoft Media Creation tools (Media Creation Tool) also provide the ISO image to download and make, convenient user directly install the latest new system.

But strangely, the latter suddenly disappeared, there is a lot of people can’t detect the TH2 updating in Windows Update, as if it disappeared completely. Microsoft: why do you want to do that?

It is reported that Microsoft today public voice, to admit that the retractions are true, in part because they learned Win10 users get TH2 updated encountered some problems, specifically in the system of four privacy Settings cannot be retained, will return to the initial state.

The four specific setting is “let applications use my AD ID”, “open the SmartScreen filter Internet content”, “let the application run in the background” and “sync” with the device.

Microsoft said, we will in the next few days to restore the user’s preferences, to bring you inconvenience apologize.

TH2 update channel have to let go, there is no smooth upgrade users can now try to check again.

Additional, also can direct download Windows 10 TH2 ISO image, including family/professional edition, enterprise edition, education edition, batch authorized version.

Google Photos updated photo management easier

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November 19, 2015 at 4:21 amCategory:new

Google recently Photos team through the social networking site said the latest version of the Photos application has been launched, the new feature will let users on a smartphone management Photos easier. It is understood that this update is mainly contains Free Up Space, micro SD card photo management and cloud picture quality degradation three new features.
Googlr Photos

The meaning of it is not hard to see from the literal Free Up Space is to help users make more local storage Space, it can automatically identify and clean Up is already stored in Google local pictures of the clouds, reduce the storage pressure device itself, and that for the built-in storage equipment has a meaning of “congenitally deficient”, of course, if the user needs can also be used at any time to download photos from the cloud to local. In addition, the new version Photos application will allow support capacity extension of equipment to delete the Photos in micro SD card at the same time repair after deleting the still shows the bug in the application.

If the user’s Photos to the cloud space is not enough, the Photos also provides the cloud picture quality degradation. Found in the web version of the Photos in the Settings menu Recover Storage options, users can be part of “Original Quality” photo downgraded to “High Quality”, to get more free cloud Storage space.

Huawei’s annual flagship Mate 8 more exposure

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November 16, 2015 at 6:12 amCategory:new

The latest news that Huawei Mate 8 will have three versions, is three screen version, accurate carrying kirin 950 processor, and they are Mate 8 Small, Mate 8 and Mate 8 Plus.

Message also revealed that Mate 8 Small screen may be between 5.5-5.7 inches, and Mate 8 is 6 inches 1080p screen, Mate Plus eight is 6.2 inch, resolution to 2K levels.

In addition to the screen size is different, the fuselage storage will be a slight difference, such as Mate 8 Small could provide 3 GB of RAM + 32 GB ROM storage combination, while Mate 8 Plus will provide 128 GB of storage capacity, and other core parameters should be consistent.

From the perspective of the Mate 8 photos of before exposure, the machine of fingerprint identification is still in the back. In addition, the machine will still stand fast charge function, this for Mate 8 large capacity battery is really a good news.

Vizio TV “intelligent interactive” function

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November 12, 2015 at 4:20 amCategory:new

According to foreign media reports, a recent report from an American nonprofit ProPublica, network media, media reports this is given priority to with follow-up revealed that smart TV manufacturers Vizio automatically using its smart TV viewing habits to users for data collection, and share data with advertisers, but most of user preference data at the same time will be associated with mobile phone or other mobile devices.

The Vizio TV has a function called “smart interaction”, the function of user is the default open one of thousands of intelligence, that is to say, in the use of the TV, the company will analyze the users to watch video clips, and analyze the network video or traditional television video, and the user viewing behavior characteristics and associated network address. After winning the network address of the user, intelligent devices such as laptops, mobile phones, information will be uploaded, and the information content will with Vizio partners share, but these businesses can pass this information to targeted advertising.

A Vizio spokesman said in response to the Washington post in the mail, the company’s data mining project is part of the transition of the “revolutionary”, the transformation across all the screen, for users to bring unprecedented measure, correlation and individualized. Vizio said they share with media and data company anonymized data aggregation, is for the convenience of the other party is smart content and advertising strategy to make better decisions. The spokesman did not ProPublica reporting the underlying facts to defend, but said the company believes that the report reflects the Vizio recently updated a filtered view privacy policy.

According to ProPublica, samsung and Vizio rival LG electronics use a similar program tracking smart TV user’s viewing habits, but will not take effect only when the user opens the function.

The new Android viruses may force you to change a mobile phone

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November 9, 2015 at 8:41 amCategory:new

Security company Lookout recently warned that android device users need to alert to a new type of virus, it can not reset the phone, also can make its own installation, as a prototype system, and it is difficult to be deleted. How difficult? If you are not a technical talent, cannot replace phone ROM, that you can’t delete it, might have to force you to change the new phone.

At first, the virus will be hidden within other applications, including the like Facebook, Twitter, Google Now and WhatsApp application. When you attempt to remove the infected mobile phone applications, these applications version is not the original version. These applications are generally infected users to download android applications market by a third party.

These affected applications are very smart, they will phone, reset the phone, making it a mobile phone application system, cannot be deleted. When the application is to use, can appear advertising, to make matters worse, system will download and install other applications, don’t need your authorization. The reason is very simple, because serve ads and install the application can help the hackers to make money.

If you from third-party android app market, rather than Google Play download application software, then you need to guard against the virus. Is need to emphasize that an infected application software can hardly be unloaded.

Pulse 3D music controller unveiled

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November 5, 2015 at 4:06 amCategory:new

In today’s era of electronic music, use the MIDI keyboard and sampler to simulate all kinds of Musical Instruments is very popular. But tried this way of playing the person all know, this and really “play” is still a far cry from what these instruments. But recently, a multi-purpose music named Pulse controller in the raised platform, its purpose is to let musicians for multiple instruments more freely.

Pulse has been described as a “virtual reality” music controller, because is equipped with a 3D sensor, the elliptic surface can provide a variety of different ways of interaction, such as banging (drums) and tap (piano), you just put the hand on the above, like playing trey door piano playing.

The device offers a variety of input methods also brought to play on the new may, for example to play the drums with different strength, with the palm, and then to a piano recital. And what is more exciting, Pulse can also identify the different types of drumstick, or specific gestures, to let you in a more traditional way to “play”.

In addition, the Pulse also provides a cross-platform software instruments, and can be compatible with most of the music creation software.

Pulse is currently fundraising on Kickstarter, sells for $750, expected this year December shipment.

Delivery into the era of intelligent robots need to mobile phone unlocked to take goods

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November 3, 2015 at 3:00 amCategory:new

When companies such as amazon and Google are betting on the future delivery drones, Skype two founders will now target on the robot distribution services, they established a company called Starship Technologies, developed a capable of carrying the parcel “driving” along the sidewalks of the robot, the robot’s average of 4 miles per hour. The company’s goal is to let the robot can carry two weight sum not more than 20 pounds of parcel delivery within 5-30 minutes.

Starship and development of the robot is said to be 99% of the automatic operation, which means it can drive by oneself, but also need artificial monitoring and control, to prevent the robot “lost”. Robot in the process of distribution, carries the package was tightly sealed, the receiver can be open only by its smartphone. We speculate that the company will use a special application software, users rely on the application to track the delivery process of robots. As a result of the limitation of speed and distribution range, the company set up its own service center in some cities, covered with each point of the service range is not big. “Our goal is to realize” 3 without “, that is no cost, no waiting time and no environmental impact.” The company CEO Ahti Heinla said.

Starship development by charging the robot is driven, compared with the traditional express car, must be environmentally friendly. The company’s business plan is: let the enterprise service center of large quantities of the goods shipped to Starship, and then the company will send robots batch of goods sent to the hands of consumers. This actually delivery service is not dissimilar to the amazon Prime Now, but amazon is used by the driver, while the company used by driving slowly.

In fact, Starship is still facing a lot of problems to solve. The company said they robot power less than most of the light bulb, but also did not give accurate data, such as driving a kilometer how much electricity. In addition, we also don’t know how big is the maintenance and repair cost of the robot and whether the company has been approved can let robot walking on the sidewalk.

But the company said that next year they will be in the United Kingdom and the United States and other countries choose some company cooperation, launched its pilot robots and distribution services.

OPPO push new Neo 7

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October 27, 2015 at 8:06 amCategory:new

In June, OPPO introduced two new smartphones in the end, Neo 5 s and the 2015 Neo 5 respectively. And even, OPPO Neo 7 again launched a new Neo family members. This is a to give priority to dozen of characteristics of the product appearance level, for female users.

Appearance, Neo 7 still continues the series “shiny” style, on the back is still adopted the mirror design. Size is 142 x71. 7 x7. 55 mm.

It is reported that the machine is equipped with a 960 x 540 resolution of 5 inch screen, carrying Sanpdragon 410 processor, 1 gb of built-in memory and 16 gb of storage space, fuselage top support 64 gb of storage space, fuselage double card double stay. Provide a 5 million pixels front-facing camera and a 8 million pixels rear camera, the battery capacity is 2420 mah, run Color based on the Android 5.0 OS 2.1, built-in 2420 mah battery.

It is reported, Neo will be the first to land in India market, and then will be coming ashore for a total of 17 markets around the world (including southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Mexico), but the price has not yet been released. Now there will be 3G and 4G version 7, while a black and white options.

Samsung GALAXY O5 appearance run web site

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September 22, 2015 at 3:13 amCategory:new

Is coming out from Samsung GALAXY O new series, the main target market will be a mid-range group. And now, the series of the GALAXY O5 has appeared in the famous running points GFXBench database website.

三星GALAXY O5亮相跑分网站 主攻低价市场


Run points from the famous website GFXBench, according to information released the samsung GALAXY phone models for SM – G550 O5. Equipped with 5 inch touch screen, support 720 p resolution, pick up is just like the samsung GALAXY J2 1.3 GHz Exynos 3475 processor, USES a quad-core architecture (A7 architecture, and integrate the Mali – T720 graphics chips.

Samsung GALAXY O5 also come with Android 5.1.1 system, and have a 1 GB of RAM memory and 8 GB of storage capacity, support memory card extension. As for the camera is 5 million pixels front cameras and 8 million pixels main camera, equipped with LED flash and support full 1080 p hd video recording, and other functions.

According to the previous foreign websites SamMobile disclosure, according to the Samsung GALAXY O5 also equipped with a 2600 mah battery, as for mobile phone size is 142 * 71.9 * 71.9 mm, weighs 140 grams. Although it wasn’t immediately clear when the opportunity, but at least from the machine running site leaked the information, the aircraft is indeed to be launched in the name of the GALAXY series O possibility is larger, it also means that the family of the Samsung GALAXY will usher in the six major series of products.

Expect could officially debut in the fourth quarter of this year