Samsung production 10 nm chips

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October 18, 2016 at 2:44 amCategory:new

Samsung has officially issued a press release that announced the first official production based on global 10 nm FinFET technological process of the chip, and said it would be spent on a product plan released in 2017. Though samsung did not give this product for more information on the next year, but no accident should is the legendary GALAXY S8.

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According to samsung, according to a press release, the world’s first 10 nm process technology of chip will go into mass production, this will allow samsung ahead of Intel and TSMC, and become the first in the industry production of 10 nm process technology of chip manufacturers. It is reported that samsung’s 10 nm FinFET structure and design, advanced 3 d transistor compared to the 14 nm FinFET, its area efficiency by 30%, 27% increase to performance and power consumption reduced by 40%.

Samsung also said in order to overcome the proportion limit at the same time, the production of 10 nm FinFET is still continuation of the previous triple cutting edge technology, to ensure the flexibility of bidirectional links. In addition, the samsung now 10 nm process known as 10 lpe, namely early version, low power consumption and the subsequent 10 nm LPP in the second half of next year, mass production can be used for higher performance of the chip.

Microsoft screen fingerprint patent exposure

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September 20, 2016 at 12:48 amCategory:new

Foreign media, according to the latest news a Microsoft support screen fingerprint identification function of patent exposure, or will support Surface Phone.

At present, the basic within the industry is fingerprint identification module on the Home button or the back of the fuselage. And, according to a patent of Microsoft, Microsoft’s idea is to integrate the fingerprint on the LCD and OLED screen below.

When a finger press on the screen, sensor of fingerprint identification. The advantage is that the phone more room, also can to do the mobile phone is thinner.

Google’s Pixel information on Geekbench XL

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September 5, 2016 at 4:00 amCategory:new

Run called Google appeared on the division of labor with Geekbench 4 Marlin test result, namely the upcoming Pixel XL, run system for android 7.0.

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Configuration, the processor should be Snapdragon 820, run 4 gb of memory, this information is consistent with Ann rabbit rabbit before.

According to reports coming from the previous, Marlin (Pixel XL) will also have 32 gb ROM, rear 3 million pixels and 8 million pixels front-facing camera, screen amplified to 5.5 -inch, 2560 x 1440 resolution 2 k level, according to a 3450 mah battery.

Samsung’s new tablet exposure

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September 1, 2016 at 2:16 amCategory:new

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab A (2016 ) S Pen tablet today exposure, pre-installed operating system, Android 6.0 cotton candy with pearly white and black metal appearance.

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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab A (2016 ) S Pen tablet may adopt and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet (2016) 8 million – pixel rear camera, plus 2 million pixels front-facing camera.

The flat with a 1.6 GHz eight nuclear Exynos 7870 processor, 10.1 -inch display, 2 gb memory, 16 gb of storage space, 7300 mah battery, support WiFi and 4 g, and the attached samsung S Pen stylus.

Huawei G9 Plus release

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August 19, 2016 at 2:03 amCategory:new

August 18, Huawei G9 Plus 1 + 1 art center held a conference in Beijing, officially released in conference long-simmering G9 Plus. This phone to redefine the high quality machine in the end, a 5.5 -inch screen, jing is colourful the fuselage, the latest generation of CPU and consistently good long life, professional-grade camera, etc., Huawei G9 Plus 2000 yuan for archives mouths of consumers to provide high-quality service and experience.

Huawei G9 Plus for in life, career rise after 80, 90 people, external, heavier connotation; Want to use Huawei G9 Plus can reveal the grade of the self, and can meet the demand of all kinds of used in everyday life.

Huawei’s strong performance, lasting life, optical image stabilization, 3 d fingerprint identification, a number of powerful functions such as real-time beauty makeup, high-definition screen under the appearance of Huawei G9 Plus exquisite fashion, a change in the domestic terminal machine single product main selling point “a recruit fresh day eating” the status quo, become the warring height 2000 yuan mobile phone market strong competing goods models.

Configuration, Huawei G9 Plus equipped with a 5.5 -inch FHD negative LCD screen, the resolution of 1920 x 1080, supports the mode that shield an eye, a 14 nm process qualcomm Xiao dragon 625 processor, rear flagship 16 million pixels SONY IMX298 camera, on the basis of the pre – 8 million camera, join innovation functions such as real-time beauty makeup, skin care 2.0 2.0, cooperate with international professional makeup artist depth, custom eight kinds of beauty makeup template.

Huawei G9 Plus two versions of mobile, China unicom, platinum arkin, moon with different colors, the official price is 2399 yuan, the line will be on August 18 18:00 on Huawei Vmall official mall, jingdong mall, Huawei Tmall official flagship store, Su Ningyi buy first pin and other electric business platform, and offline will be in August 25 retail stores across the country to start selling.

Microsoft will lay off 2850 people once again

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July 29, 2016 at 1:10 amCategory:new

According to media reports, Microsoft will in the next 12 months to lay off 2850 employees at least, this makes Microsoft’s plan to lay off a total of 4700 people, about 4% of the total number of employees.

Microsoft said in a regulatory filing, the 2017 fiscal year will be on a global scale to cut about 2850 jobs, the CEO satya -, one of the measures to further reduce the handset business.

Microsoft has said in May this year, will cut 1850 jobs, the position is belong to the smart phone hardware business and sales areas, most of the original in Finland.

HTC will release new Desire 10

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July 12, 2016 at 3:41 amCategory:new

Recently revealed the great god of the @ evleaks latest news, 10 new HTC will give a Derise, is expected to launch in September.

Evleaks revealed that only Derise 10 in the lens would like HTC 10, that is 12 million pixels UltraPixel cameras, sensor, the Sony IMX377 pixel size 1.55 microns, support the laser focus, optical image stabilization.

From the perspective of the configuration of the camera, not flagship level, should be to the positioning of a model, but according to the HTC tonality, it should not be too cheap.

Google Push VR Chrome

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July 4, 2016 at 2:19 amCategory:new

Although the attention of virtual reality is quite high now, tech giants have also launched their own VR devices, but there is no denying that, compared with a wide variety of hardware products, VR is actually are some deficient resources and content. But the latest news is that the Chrome Google plans to add support for the VR, allows users to ordinary web site in the form of virtual reality.

It is worth noting that Google has pushed WebVR, trying to establish a standard for hundreds of thousands of web sites adapter VR devices, although so far seems to effect is not good, but Google but didn’t intend to give up web VR beginner’s mind. It is understood that Google in the latest Beta version of Chrome and Android version of Chrome Dev development suite added support for virtual reality, the Beta version of Chrome WebVR setting options to improve the VR equipment for WebVR standard web support, and Chrome Dev new VR Shell allows users through the Cardboard or your Daydream platform to browse the web site.

But it is important to note that the current VR Shell is still in test development stage, is not entirely in functional aspects, but with the advent of Android 7.0 Nougat the official version, believe that an important part as Google the VR ecological Chrome will follow up in time. Actually, samsung last year for their Gear VR launched a special virtual reality browser, but it is clear that the influence is too small for large Android, and the Chrome a horse situation should be different. In addition, in addition to mobile devices, Google for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive build support desktop VR Chrome.

HP launches Chromebook 11 G5

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June 28, 2016 at 2:45 amCategory:new

HP today released new this 11 G5 notebook, this is HP’s first 11 inch touch screen equipped with this notebook. It is reported, this 11 G5 sells for $189, will take the lead by HP channel partners in July, and comprehensive listing since October.

It is reported, this introductory paragraph 11 the G5 is equipped with a 11.6 -inch display, weight is 1.14 kg, built in 1.6 GHz Intel celeron N3060 processor, this configuration is more common in the low end of the this. And HP said, this 11 G5’s performance enough to cope with the daily operation, and also leads to 11 hours of battery life.

For an entry-level positioning this, with a touch screen is indeed a very good window, at the same time, Google has announced it will open in May Chrome OS support for Android applications, so this 11 the G5 will also be in the list of support to run Android applications.

Samsung products will use Tizen system

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June 15, 2016 at 4:24 amCategory:new

As The pioneer of The smartphone industry, samsung is arguably one of The most important members of The Android camp, although samsung also have their own Tizen OS, but late on one hand, on The one hand with Android is far from mature degree, therefore The Galaxy series host machine or of The Android system has been adopted, but according to The Chesapeake Times of The latest report, The samsung plans to promote Tizen system to The whole system products, reduce overall dependence on Android.

An unnamed name samsung executives said that if you don’t have their own ecosystem, there would be no development in the future, and Tizen also is not only a platform for mobile and an operating system, can also be applied to many other categories of products. , of course, the staff also admitted from samsung samsung in research and development on its own operating system, and makes the ecosystem indeed started a bit late, but compared with before, samsung has been a lot better now.

As for Tizen system outlook, he said now the entire technology industry are from B2C to B2B, but if we can seize the chance, Tizen will usher in huge growth in market share.

And on the promotion of Tizen system, smart watch first, launched a period of Gear S2 is one of the typical representative, Tizen system good performance also let Gear S2 obtained the certain market attention, but for size has some limitations. In fact as early as in 2014, samsung began trying to use Tizen system on Gear series intelligent watches, and recent rumours that samsung will abandon Android Wear, no longer for Gear Live follow-up products.

Of course, in addition to smart watches, in order to promote Tizen, the introduction of mobile phones is also essential. For example, Samsung India launched Tizen Z1 low-end machines, and has made a million sales level, and after seeing a good market feedback, Samsung continues to launch Z1 successor models Z3.

The samsung officials said, running Tizen system Z series machines are very popular in India, in the first quarter of this year sales volume reached 6.4 million, has been a very good result, also proves that the competitiveness of the Tizen system.

, of course, want to promote an operating system, the developers also is a very important part of, and the launch of samsung’s future will be more reward strategies for Tizen developers, arouse the enthusiasm of developers, but the specific details of samsung has not yet been released.